This Is Your Chance To Finally Own My Most Treasured Collection of Business Growth Checklists, Reports, “Cheat Sheets” and Standard Operating Procedures… Literally Everything I Use To Manage, Operate And Grow My 5 Vacation Rentals on 3 continents.

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- Every month, you get a completely new additional strategy that I have used and tested.
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- Every day, you can participate in our private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share your successes and grow your network with fellow vacation rental business owners.


The Club offers immediate access to online courses designed to help you save time, get more bookings and reclaim freedom in your vacation rental business. The Club is also a private membership group where you can get to ask questions and share your knowledge with fellow vacation rental industry members of all levels. The RentalPreneurs Club gives you tools, tactics and a network of peers to help you become a successful rental entrepreneur.

Join us, learn with us, share your own insights. Let's grow your vacation rental businesses together.

Thibault Masson - RentalPreneurs

A Club For All Skill Levels

The RentalPreneurs Club consists of information for people of all skill levels whether you’ve been renting out your propery for years or if you've just listed your house with Airbnb and HomeAway. The Club will benefit you and dramatically transform your vacation rental activity into a modern, effective, rewarding business.

A Club Based On Real Tactics

The RentalPreneurs Club was created by Thibault Masson, owner of 5 rental properties (2 in Bali, Indonesia, 2 in St Barths, French Caribbean, and 1 in Paris, France). The tactics taught are real. You also benefit from the knowledge of carefully chosen experts who are not here to sell, but to teach, every week in the live webinar. Finally, you can also ask questions to people like, fellow vacation rental business owners. 

A Word From The Club Founder

“I've learnt a lot by studying others, by testing and refining their strategies, and by coming up with my own tactics. Creating the RentalPreneurs Club is a way for to give back and also to keep learning by interacting with peers like you on a daily basis.”

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