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This is the online version of my weekly RentalPreneurs newsletter. You can subscribe to it for here by clicking here. More Bookings and More Freedom for Rental Entrepreneurs Issue 2 How can you improve your rental marketing this week?  I am always amazed by all the great content that you can find online to improve your vacation rental marketing. … Read More

Vacation Rental Marketing for Luxury Property Owner

(This blog post is a follow-up to Insider’s Tips for Luxury Vacation Rental Owners) Putting your vacation rental in the care of a Property Management Company Taylor: So Thibault, I had on Heather Bayer from who not only rents out her vacation rentals but also has a property management company. Do you find that property management companies or villa rental … Read More

Insider’s tips for luxury vacation rental owners

Taylor White is a fantastic podcast interviewer, host of the Overseas Property Insider Podcast. If you are interested in international real estate, overseas mortgage financing options, tips on increasing your vacation rental returns, strategies on house sitting, how to exchange your home for someone else’s, tactics to travel hacking success, ideas involved in budget travel, and how others are overseas … Read More