Vacation Rental Revenue Management: The major 2019 industry trend you could not miss

Vacation Rental Revenue Management

Vacation Rental Revenue Management has become a hot topic for property managers. Or this is at least what revenue management solution vendors would have you told you if you attended any vacation rental conference this year. Why now? Why is the issue of pricing properties right, finding the right balance between profits, occupancy, length of stay, booking restriction more pressing? … Read More

Three 2019 vacation rental industry trends: OTAs as property managers, property design as a booking factor, and the rise of business travelers.

oyo vacation homes

Here are three vacation rental industry trends that you may already be encountering in your market. Fellow rentalpreneurs, feel free to add a comment if you agree or disagree. Online platforms such as Airbnb, Tujia, OYO, and Rakuten have become property managers Online travel agencies (OTAs) have launched several initiatives to control the quality of the supply that they are … Read More

Why attend Vacation Rental World Summit 2019 + EUR50 off your ticket

vacation rental world summit 2019

For the 4th year in a row, I will be attending a conference aimed at ambitious property owners and fast-growing property managers. Will I see you there, near Lake Como, Italy, on October 5 and 6, at the 2019 Vacation Rental World Summit? The Vacation Rental World Summit is the brainchild of the Italian property owner and educator Antonio Bortolotti. … Read More

VRMA Europe 2019 – VRMA Prague

VRMA Prague - VRMA Europe 2019

For the first time, VRMA Europe is heading to Central Europe: It will be held on 17-19 March 2019 at the Grandior Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic. I will be going there and I hope to see you too. VRMA Europe 2019: A great way to get actionable tips for your business The annual European version of the Vacation Rental … Read More

Meet StayFi, a wifi and marketing solution for vacation rental management companies

stayfi vacation rental wifi router

How about a solution that could help you easily deploy and manage wifi across your properties, while enabling you to collect your guests’ email addresses to retarget them and make them come back? This is way StayFi, a startup company led by Arthur Colker, is proposing to vacation rental management companies. As we, at RentalPreneurs, are interested in meeting and … Read More

Airbnb Management Software for Multi-Property Owners: The Pros and Cons

airbnb management software

You’ve got a few properties under your belt and are well on your way to running a successful property rental business, you might even consider starting your own Airbnb consulting business at some point. Renting out properties is a great way to make an income (or boost your existing income), but it can also be hard work. Keeping on top … Read More

What ambitious Airbnb property management companies can learn from Phocuswright Europe conference videos featuring Airbnb,, and Expedia

expedia vacation rental property managers

If your job is to run an up-and-coming Airbnb property management company, then you will be very interested in some free videos from the expensive, but super interesting PhocusWright Europe conference. The entrance fee to the online travel conference Phocuswright Europe is close to €1,800. And you have to fly or take the train to Amsterdam to attend (+ shell … Read More

Branding & Quality Consistency: What startup vacation rental property management companies can learn from Airbnb Plus, Stay Alfred, Tujia and others.

Domio rentals

Brands, created by property management companies like Lyric, Sonder or Domio, as well as by OTAs (e.g. Airbnb Plus, Tujia in China), promote consistency of experience. The idea is that guests will then book one of these branded places with more confidence. As an owner of multiple properties or as the manager of a smaller, but fast-growing, vacation rental company, why … Read More

How I can read 28 vacation rental blogs every day (sharing this tool with you)

vacation rental marketing blogs

How do you keep up with vacation rental news? It can be crazy: There are plenty of valuable blogs around, from those of vacation rental gurus (e.g. Heather Bayer of The Vacation Rental Formula, Matt Landau from the Vacation Rental Marketing Blog), those from the big platforms (e.g. Airbnb alone has 3 distinct great blogs), those from channel managers (e.g. Guesty … Read More

GDPR for Vacation Rental Business Entrepreneurs: Quick and Not-So Dirty

GDPR vacation rental marketing

If you have, like me, a vacation rental business for which you have launched online websites where people can book your rentals ( and in my case) or even if you just have a humble blog with a newsletter (Case in point: RentalPreneurs), then you know that that EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) is affecting you. This new … Read More

Vacation Rental Marketing: How to conduct fast, fun and efficient user research

You have heard it 1,000 times, but have you really done it? I am talking about putting yourself into your customer’s shoes. Sometimes, asking just a simple question to a crowd of seasoned vacation rental industry members can be quite revealing. At the Vacation Rental World Summit in Florence, Italy, I asked: How many of you, property managers and property … Read More

5 Tips to Land a Job at’s Homes and Apartments Division


I had the pleasure to speak at several vacation rental industry events, such as the VRMA National Conference in Phoenix and the Vacation Rental World Summit in Barcelona. I met friends and business connections who were very interested in knowing now had a clear focus Homes and Apartments. But I also got into contact with a few people who wanted to know more about … Read More

Why you should be attending Vacation Rental World Summit 2016

vacation rental world summit 2016

How about attending a vacation rental conference organized by your peers? How about listening from people like you, learning from their success, taking away real actionable advice? This is what the 2016 edition fo the Vacation Rental World Summit is about. I’ve already mentioned Antonio Bortolotti several times in this blog. He was of my mentors when I joined the vacation … Read More

Let’s meet up at the 2016 VRMA National Conference #VRMA2016

VRMA 2016 National Conference

The 2016 VRMA National Conference is taking place in Phoenix (Chandler), Arizona, from October 16 to 19. This event, put together by the Vacation Rental Managers Association (to which my company Fashion Fox and thus this blog RentalPreneurs belong) is the world’s biggest conference for vacation rental owners and and property managers. If you are attending this, let’s meet up! … Read More

Home-Sharing Platforms You Need to Incorporate into Your Business

sharing economy

You will find here a guest blog post by Glenn Carter of the Casual Capitalist. I found it interesting to have him share on his views on diversifying the marketing channels for your vacation rental business. This is a nice complement to my series on niche vacation rental sites. – Thibault “Glenn, I just had a couple cancellations in a … Read More

Firebnb – Making your last-minute deals on Airbnb more visible

airbnb ecosystem firebnb

In order to fill up your Airbnb listing, you sometimes have to discount your price to attract last-minute bookings. But how do you let Airbnb users know that they are getting a great deal? How do they know that the price is much lower than usual, that they are getting much better value than usual? Firebnb‘s goal is to help Airbnb … Read More