Instagram untuk bisnis Rumah Liburan: Aplikasi yang kami gunakan

instagram for vacation rentals

Kami sering mendapat pertanyaan mengenai aplikasi dan teknik seperti apa yang digunakan untuk mengembangkan akun bisnis Instagram. Berikut kami uraikan untuk Anda: Tujuan Utama: Menambah daftar e-mail Tujuan kami mengembangkan jumlah follower adalah untuk menambahkan daftar e-mail dari prospek berkualitas yang akan tertarik untuk mem-booking rumah liburan kami. Satu satunya link yang dapat di klik dalam Instagram terdapat pada bio. … Read More

4 Owner dan Manajer mengungkapkan bagaimana mereka menggunakan Instagram untuk Bisnis Penyewaan Rumah Liburan.

Vacation Rental Instagram

Seperti yang mungkin telah Anda baca di postingan kami sebelumnya, kami menggunakan Instagram untuk mendapatkan booking, mengacu pada lead e-mail yang terkumpul.  (Jika Anda melewatkan postingan sebelumnya, baca; daftar app untuk Instagram) 1 – Kami menggunakan Instagram untuk berbagi foto dan tips tentang Florence.Lorenzo Fagnoni – @apartmentsflorenceit Instagram adalah salah satu media sosial yang paling berkembang bagi kami. Kami tahu … Read More

19 Orang ahli, mengulas kesalahan terbesar desain situs web rumah liburan.

vacation rental website design

Semakin banyak pemilik rumah liburan (vacation rental) dan host Airbnb seperti Anda yang ingin membuat situs web mereka sendiri, agar tidak terikat dengan perusahaan OTA (online travel agent). Tetapi tidaklah mudah dan banyak kesalahan yang dapat mempengaruhi hasil akhir situs web Anda. Jadi kami menghubungi 20 ahli dan menanyakan hal sederhana ini: “Apakah kesalahan terbesar desain situs web rumah liburan … Read More

GDPR for Vacation Rental Business Entrepreneurs: Quick and Not-So Dirty

GDPR vacation rental marketing

If you have, like me, a vacation rental business for which you have launched online websites where people can book your rentals ( and in my case) or even if you just have a humble blog with a newsletter (Case in point: RentalPreneurs), then you know that that EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) is affecting you. This new … Read More

Vacation Rental Marketing: How to conduct fast, fun and efficient user research

You have heard it 1,000 times, but have you really done it? I am talking about putting yourself into your customer’s shoes. Sometimes, asking just a simple question to a crowd of seasoned vacation rental industry members can be quite revealing. At the Vacation Rental World Summit in Florence, Italy, I asked: How many of you, property managers and property … Read More

5 Tips to Land a Job at’s Homes and Apartments Division


I had the pleasure to speak at several vacation rental industry events, such as the VRMA National Conference in Phoenix and the Vacation Rental World Summit in Barcelona. I met friends and business connections who were very interested in knowing now had a clear focus Homes and Apartments. But I also got into contact with a few people who wanted to know more about … Read More

Why you should be attending Vacation Rental World Summit 2016

vacation rental world summit 2016

How about attending a vacation rental conference organized by your peers? How about listening from people like you, learning from their success, taking away real actionable advice? This is what the 2016 edition fo the Vacation Rental World Summit is about. I’ve already mentioned Antonio Bortolotti several times in this blog. He was of my mentors when I joined the vacation … Read More

Let’s meet up at the 2016 VRMA National Conference #VRMA2016

VRMA 2016 National Conference

The 2016 VRMA National Conference is taking place in Phoenix (Chandler), Arizona, from October 16 to 19. This event, put together by the Vacation Rental Managers Association (to which my company Fashion Fox and thus this blog RentalPreneurs belong) is the world’s biggest conference for vacation rental owners and and property managers. If you are attending this, let’s meet up! … Read More

Home-Sharing Platforms You Need to Incorporate into Your Business

sharing economy

You will find here a guest blog post by Glenn Carter of the Casual Capitalist. I found it interesting to have him share on his views on diversifying the marketing channels for your vacation rental business. This is a nice complement to my series on niche vacation rental sites. – Thibault “Glenn, I just had a couple cancellations in a … Read More

Firebnb – Making your last-minute deals on Airbnb more visible

airbnb ecosystem firebnb

In order to fill up your Airbnb listing, you sometimes have to discount your price to attract last-minute bookings. But how do you let Airbnb users know that they are getting a great deal? How do they know that the price is much lower than usual, that they are getting much better value than usual? Firebnb‘s goal is to help Airbnb … Read More

How to maximize your rental revenues with Airdna’s Pricing Copilot

AIRDNA'S pricing copilot

What if you could visualize your rental competition on a map? Imagine that you could see how competing vacation rentals are faring on Airbnb: Their occupancy rates, their nightly prices, their yearly revenues, their availability in the coming weeks and much more. What if, as a real estate investor, you could get this type of information to assess a market opportunity? Would … Read More